ING Run For Something Better School Award Online Application

ING Run for Something Better


Application Submission Deadline 11:59pm: Thursday, May 15, 2014

About The Program

With the goal of empowering school age children nationwide with the means to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, ING Run For Something Better (ING RFSB), in partnership with the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD), has developed a school-based running program. In addition to fighting childhood obesity, research shows that physical activity improves self esteem, school performance and overall well being.

The awards program will provide sixty (60) grants of $3,500 to elementary and middle schools nationwide who wish to establish a school-based running program or expand an existing one. Through activity plans created by AAHPERD and based on the National Standards for K-12 Physical Education (AAHPERD, 2014), the awards program will offer children a healthy start to life and foster their desire to exercise before obesity ever begins. To ensure impartiality, AAHPERD will manage the 2014 School Awards Program for ING U.S.

If you are ready to make an impact on the lives of your students through healthy lifestyle changes, improving self esteem and reducing the rate of childhood obesity, then step up to the starting line!

Steps and Instructions:

  1. Eligibility

    1. Awards are available to programs that target grades Kindergarten through 8th grade in elementary or middle schools.
    2. Schools must design a before, during and/or after school program which will be offered to the best of the school’s ability to all students in eligible grades. The program must be inclusive of students of both genders and all levels of ability. The program must be offered a minimum of two days per week.
    3. The program must have a commitment of at least 25 students in grades 4-8 in order to be eligible to apply and supply the PACER data results.
    4. Awards are available to schools in all fifty (50) states, D.C. and U.S. territories, but will be limited to no more than seven (7) recipients per state.
    5. Schools with existing school-based running programs are eligible for an award, but the school must meet the outlined award criteria. If awarded, these schools would have the opportunity to use the ING RFSB program materials to enhance their current running program.
    6. Past recipients of the ING RFSB School Awards Program managed through AAHPERD are eligible and will be reviewed equally with all other applicants.
    7. The person conducting the program must be currently employed by the school or school district in which the program will be held.
    8. Schools must implement a minimum of an eight (8) week running program with a culminating event by December 31, 2014. A culminating event must be a running event such as a school running event, Family Fitness run, 5K, last mile in a race, etc. Award ceremonies may be a part of a culminating event, but will not be considered as the event itself.
      *If your school is unable to complete a running program and culminating event by December 31, 2014 due to geographical restrictions, inclement weather or other reasons, please explain in writing when applying.

    The purpose of the school awards for running programs is to engage all students in the sport of running, not to fund existing athletic programs and/or teams (i.e. track, cross country).

  2. Requirements and Explanation of Award

    1. Cover letter from applicant communicating commitment to at least an eight week program. A cover letter must accompany any application for it to be reviewed.
    2. Each recipient will receive a $3,500 school award paid in two installments. The first $1,750 will be awarded upon notification to the school. The second installment of $1,750 will be distributed upon conclusion and evidence of your school’s running culminating event, receipt of PACER data and other required post evaluation materials.
    3. 150 pairs of orange laces will be provided to each awarded school. Additional orange laces needed beyond that can be requested and granted based on inventory. A pair of orange shoelaces symbolizes your support for youth running and fitness.
    4. The Cardiovascular FITNESSGRAM PACER test manual and testing materials will be provided to all grant recipients at no cost to your school. Pre and post tests using the PACER must be administered to all eligible students in grades 4-8 participating in the ING RFSB program and submitted to AAHPERD before the second installment of the award is given.
    5. Responsibility of each school/applicant: When utilizing the PACER test, student identity must be kept completely anonymous as the data for each student will be submitted to AAHPERD as Student 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.
    6. In order for your application to be eligible for review and possible funding, you will be required to indicate that your school district and principal are fully aware of and grant you permission to share anonymous student data with AAHPERD and ING U.S.
    7. Post-evaluation materials must be received with PACER data by December 31, 2014. Deadline extensions may be granted on a case by case basis. Post-evaluation materials must include the following:

      1. Complete brief online survey about program participation and success
      2. Provide AAHPERD with short essays or quotes from students participating in the school-based ING RFSB program
      3. Provide AAHPERD with culminating event evidence (photo release forms must be on file with the school)
      1. Send home student/parent survey for program feedback
      2. Copies of running logs completed by students
      3. Unique activity plan(s) created by school
    8. In the application, the school will be required to explain how it plans to use the grant money. All of the grant money must be used to support and/or sustain the school-based running program.
      *You will be asked to itemize approximately how the funds will be used (e.g. staffing, t-shirts, transportation, participation awards, collateral materials, etc.) using either percentages or dollar amounts.
    9. Programs must be a minimum of eight (8) weeks in length but are encouraged to run for as long as the entire school year. Program materials provided by ING RFSB and AAHPERD can be modified, can be repeated to extend a program, and/or can be mixed and matched in order to fit school needs. Additionally, other running program materials can be used.
    10. Award checks will be made payable to the school.
    11. Recipients will be notified during September, 2014. All applicants can review the list of award winners on the AAHPERD website during September.
  3. Obligations and Revisions

    Recipients have no obligations to ING U.S. They are required to notify AAHPERD of any changes of address or relevant information. ING U.S. reserves the right to review the conditions and procedures of this program and make changes at any time, including termination of the program.

  4. Application Deadline

    ING Run For Something Better School Award Program Application

    Application Deadline: May 15, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST

    The applicant is responsible for completing all sections of application and obtaining the required verification. The applicant is also responsible for submitting all application materials, including responses to statements. If you represent a team effort, list only one name as 'Applicant'; list other names on separate sheet.

    All applications will be reviewed and given a score out of 100 total points broken down by section. AAHPERD’s review board, consisting of teachers and education administration, will select recipients for school awards.

  5. Technical Support

    For help in submitting an application online, email Tech Support.